How to Write a story

  1. A good idea
    At the beginning of a story, each author sits first in a blank sheet or blank screen. If you can not think of something right away, that's not bad. As a story writer, you are inspired – that is, you are looking for exciting ideas in your thoughts, in your environment and in what you have already experienced. This may be a topic from the news that you have been captivated, as well as stories that have been told to you or a story based on children's issues. Especially exciting are stories about people: Observe what funny habits your classmates have and what are they beautiful or funny things they sometimes say (and write it down).
  2. All beginning is hard
    As the author of a good story, you have to have one thing above all else: patience and discipline. Make a note to write down at least 15 minutes each day. Imagine a topic like "My Day as a Detective Novel" or "What makes my cat make me breakfast tomorrow?". Write a little text about it. Or you could think about how it could go on differently. It's not easy at first because you literally miss the words. But over time, you'll find that writing is always easier for you. But now it's time for a real story – from your pen!
  3. Build the story
    Child is reading, sitting on big book

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From school you will know the construction of an essay: Introduction – Main Part – Final. The difference with your story is that you keep a few things secret from your reader to keep it interesting:

  1. Beginning: At the beginning of a story, you introduce the characters, their environment, and the conflict. You can do that by either telling the characters themselves and let them act or tell about them.
    2nd conflictOne of your characters has an unsolvable problem: a difficult morning job at school, a prince who needs to be rescued, or a mob gang who has stolen all the books from the library. Take time in this part to talk in detail about the conflict. Of course, your heroes are trying to solve the problem. But they have to overcome many obstacles. Describe how your heroes are doing and talk about their fears.
  2. Just before the end: The problem is almost solved, your heroes relax and are pretty sure to have the evil again averted. This is the best time in your story for an unexpected twist: the meanest and nastiest character in your story.
    4th Happy End: Many stories have a happy ending, the rudder is torn at the last second and the good guys are silent win. But your story can be a sad or open ending and make your readers think.

Tip: You can write your story in reverse order: Make your readers detectives and help.

  1. Who actually writes here?
    From what perspective do you tell the story? And: are you telling her or one of the characters?
  2. I-Form: If you write in the first person, your readers can empathize with your heroes very well.

Example: "When I looked around the dark room, I heard a noise." I was not alone. "

  1. He or She Form: When you write about your characters in the third person, so you can show when you see something different from them.

Example: "When she looks around the dark room, she suddenly hears a noise."

  1. Du-Form: With the second person you directly turn to the reader – that can be quite exciting.

Example: "You have to turn around." There's someone behind the door. "

  1. The figures

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Describe the characters who play in your story. Let them lie, miss someone or seek to answer. What are your characters doing, what are their habits and what are they thinking about? How do you look? The more you describe all of them in your story, the better your readers can understand the characters.

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