How do you write a science fiction novel or a science fiction story?

The science-fiction literature jumped from the belief in modern science and the science of progress. The view into the future became more and more auspicious through industrialization, and the imagination of man was shaped by technical possibilities and utopias.

Real scientific perspectives can thus be mixed in this genre with fictitious assumptions and thus merge into a rousing, innovative story. Even today, cinematic perennial favorites such as Star Wars or Star Trek clearly show an increased interest in the genre. Even combinations with other genres such as fantasy, thriller, horror or fairy tales are currently booming in the book market. Yet this once-special category is no longer available for science. Often, however, authors have reservations about the genre and feel overwhelmed with the stringent world of futuristic technology. Fortunately, these fears are completely unfounded and can be read at this point with a few basic writing tips.

Decide on a time and a venue
Tip 1

The choice of time and location is as varied as the course of action itself. Many science fiction stories are set to take place in the future and have more than one planet as a venue. But it can be jumped between times and worlds. Wormholes, portals and time machines are popular tools to travel from one epoch to the next. In general, everything is allowed to be a glimpse into the future. Here, the further development of technology and the world changed with it should be in the foreground. However, it does not change the story's action environment, so it does not cover the life of the protagonists: flying cars, useful robots, space gliders or teleportation can be used in the lifeworld of the characters. There is no limit to your imagination and creativity. Remember to choose the period of the story to match the content. Because if you are only ten years into the future, the probability of moving in flying cars, rather low.

Choose your main characters and characters
Tip 2

Of course, sympathetic protagonist or hero whom can cheer on. Despite the futuristic environment, try to create a life-like character that is emotionally close to the readers. Despite all the mechanization, it is nice to notice. You can therefore orient yourself to other genres, after all there are classical books.

The selected character can be driven by a wish, a specific goal, or a mission. Of course, various ideas can be combined to lead to a surprising showdown. With a sophisticated characterization of the protagonists, you can drive the course of action in any case and give the story a certain depth.

The topic and the conflict
Tip 3

To dive deeper into the science fiction genre, it is advisable to deal with the scientific facts and to research the topic well. The better you research a topic, the more authentically your story will affect the reader. Trade journals, books or corresponding websites on the chosen topic can be a great help. It is also helpful to read other successful sci-fi novels to get a feel for action and figure constellations.

To help you better understand the topic and the conflict, you may want to brainstorm briefly and think about your future ideas and ideas. Ask yourself, "What if …" and construct your own fictitious world.

Every sci-fi novel is marked by a conflict or a mission that needs to be fulfilled. In the foreground are often martial acts or mysterious discoveries. The antagonists are mostly aliens, technologies that have become independent, or other people with sinister interests. No matter which topic you choose, the most important thing is the tension and traceability of the course of action.

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