קטגוריה: סיפורים לוהטים

How do you write a science fiction novel or a science fiction story?

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The science-fiction literature jumped from the belief in modern science and the science of progress. The view into the future became more and more auspicious through industrialization, and the imagination of man was shaped by technical possibilities and utopias. Real scientific perspectives can thus be mixed in this genre with fictitious assumptions and thus merge […]

14 tips for a good story

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You have an idea for a novel – great! But how do you best start? Just start writing or better make a plan? We recommend the latter. Of course, there is nothing wrong with just having fun writing and just letting the words bubble. But in the long term it makes sense to sit down and think about the course […]

How to Write a story

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A good idea At the beginning of a story, each author sits first in a blank sheet or blank screen. If you can not think of something right away, that's not bad. As a story writer, you are inspired – that is, you are looking for exciting ideas in your thoughts, in your environment and […]